Building Smarter Ways to Deliver Goods and Services

Our ecosystem envisions connected and electrified products and services that are built to help improve your first to last mile delivery operations. We're developing a range of solutions that can be tailored to your individual business needs.

Our solutions are designed to help:

Reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce Costs

Maximize productivity by improving uptime

Maximize Productivity

Improve safety for your drivers

Improve Safety

Lower your carbon footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint


Envisioning A Better Future

Our connected and electrified ecosystem of products and services are designed to help you seamlessly do more, with less. They're flexible so they can be integrated with businesses of any size.

Work with our client solutions team who will dig into your business and build the right offering to help optimize your operations.*

Ecosystem Services


Building For Every Step Of The Journey

We're building our products to cover First to Last Mile and everything in between. From our electric and connected pallets to our electric cargo vans, we aim to help you become more efficient and lower costs.

EP1 ePallet
EP1 ePallet
EP1 ePallet
A Better Way To Move Goods

The BrightDrop EP1 (all-electric pallet) is designed to optimize the movement of goods from distribution centers to last mile locations. Developed to help reduce touches, errors, labor costs, and physical strain on the labor force.*

Learn more about the EP1 ePallet

Electric van driving to deliver goods
Electric van driving to deliver goods
Electric van driving to deliver goods
Lower Your Costs, Lower Your Emissions

The BrightDrop EV600 helps to reduce the cost of ownership while leveraging durable, lightweight materials. Powered by the Ultium battery platform, this van will be able to go the distance you need while maximizing room for cargo.*

Learn more about the EV600

Optimization Services

Connected Insights To Optimize Productivity

Our service platforms empower businesses of any size to operate at maximum speed and efficiency. They provide the tools, visibility and data needed to help optimize and grow your business.

Laptop displaying fleet locations
Laptop displaying fleet locations
Laptop displaying fleet locations

BrightDrop Fleet Management Platform*

Real-time visibility into vehicle location and status designed to drive operational efficiencies.

  • Real-Time Fleet Status Location
  • Remote Commands
  • Battery Monitoring and Charge Management
  • Safety Coaching and Incidence Recording*
  • Remote Diagnostics and Safety Alerts
  • Predictive Maintenance Insights*

Learn more about BrightDrop Fleet Management Platform

Mobile Phone with Map
Mobile Phone with Map
Mobile Phone with Map

BrightDrop Mobile Asset Management Platform

Unlock the full-capability of your connected BrightDrop EP1s giving you security and insights into your EP1s remotely.*

  • Real-Time Location
  • Remote Commands
  • User Access Management
  • Battery Status
  • Custom ID and Naming
  • Over The Air Updates

Learn more about BrightDrop Mobile Asset Management Platform

Support Services

Support Services

Our Support Services help ensure your fleet is ready for business. Serving you every step of the way, from purchase to maintenance, our team will help keep your fleet business-ready.

Our client solutions approach enables us to work with your business and customize solutions to meet your needs.


BrightDrop Upfitting Support

We work with some of the best in the industry to help you customize your new electric cargo vans or upfit your existing fleet to work with our ecosystem.

Learn more about Upfitting Services

Charging station

Charging Infrastructure

Experience a smooth and affordable transition to your electric future. Our team can help streamline your transition to a sustainable electric solution.*

Learn more about Charging Infrastructure