Optimizing eCommerce delivery logistics in an ever-changing world

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The demand for shipping has exploded across the globe in the last few years, making the need for improved delivery logistics critical to ecommerce. Getting packages to final destinations requires many unique touch points contributing up to 15% of CO2 emissions from road transport in the USA each year. Electric vehicles will help reduce emissions, however, to meet growing demand and consumer expectations of instant gratification, delivery companies need to approach the future holistically.

Today, different stages of urban delivery have their own challenges throughout communities such as packages needing to be unloaded and re-sorted mid-route, vehicles and packages blocking curb and sidewalk access, security concerns, and longer pick-up and delivery times. These challenges contribute to greater safety concerns, increased touchpoints, risk of delays, higher costs to ship goods, and ultimately more emissions.

How can we help make deliveries better?

In order to help secure a more carbon neutral and less chaotic future for deliveries, BrightDrop is looking at the whole ecosystem from order to delivery, not simply focusing on individual pain points. We're creating solutions to help improve inefficiencies across the board, aiming to help our customers save money and get items to consumers in a faster, safer, and more sustainable way.

Electric Vehicles

BrightDrop EVs are not converted from ICE vehicles, but are purpose-built from the ground up to generate long term operating efficiencies and manufactured with lightweight materials. Our electric step-in vans were re-imagined based on firsthand research and experience with some of the world’s largest delivery companies. We’ve leveraged over a century of engineering and manufacturing expertise from GM, with the intention of improving driver ergonomics, improving safety in our communities, and helping build a sustainable expansion of e-commerce deliveries around the world.


eCarts Help Organize & Speed Up Deliveries

Our all-electric delivery cart keeps packages organized to help provide seamless delivery operations with built in security. An initial pilot showed a 25% increase in packages delivered per day and a reduction in curbside dwell time. BrightDrop eCarts also reduce the amount of effort and strain on couriers, ultimately helping to improve working conditions in the field. Its specialty: reducing touches early on so that goods can be delivered on time in metro areas where logistic pain points are felt the most. 

Rapid Load Vehicle for Streamlining Deliveries

The rapid load vehicle concept brings electric step-in vans and electric carts together to deliver to key locations quickly, reducing curb time and package resorting with less strain on the workforce.

The BrightDrop Software Platform: The Glue That Brings Everything Together

BrightDrop’s built-in connected software* allows you to track and monitor your products at every stage of your delivery operations. Quickly see information like state of charge, vehicle status, maintenance notifications, and geographic location from the palm of your hand. The software also comes with security features such as remote locking, user access management, and with the eCarts you review a chain of custody log. The BrightDrop Software Platform can help you better understand the condition of your products and help improve uptime with vehicle data, product insights, and predictive maintenance.

Our customers and fleet managers have a bird’s eye view to help streamline their delivery operations, reduce costs, and increase speed of delivery. 

Service is Fast and Established

As a new business from GM, we have the service and support infrastructure that helps our customers minimize fleet downtime. BrightDrop has the strength of customer care, aftersales support services, parts, engineering brand quality control, and employs the same high safety standards for our vehicles as GM. BrightDrop customers can utilize our dealer network for service, or become certified to maintain their own fleets. We know uptime is critical and we’re here to help ensure that happens.

Charging Infrastructure

BrightDrop is working with trusted industry resources to help transition companies to EV fleets. We support and consult on the installation of charging stations, helping to create an infrastructure that helps our customers effectively optimize energy costs and get the most out of their electric products.

BrightDrop is working to support more efficient deliveries now and into the future, continuously iterating to anticipate new challenges in delivery and logistics operations. Backed by industry-leading expertise, we strive to be the best, most reliable first to last mile delivery partner in the world!

*Possible subscription required.

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