The EP1 ePallet in a warehouse
The EP1 ePallet in a warehouse
The EP1 ePallet in a warehouse

Improving Efficiencies

The EP1 was developed to reduce touches, errors, labor costs, and physical strain on the labor force. Our research has shown that it's been more than successful.

In an initial pilot, the BrightDrop EP1, enabled couriers to effectively handle 25% more packages per day. * *Information provided is based on results from initial studies of the EP1 in a pilot offering. Results may vary based on individual usage and applications.

EPallet being pulled into building
EPallet being pulled into building
EPallet being pulled into building

Electric Propulsion

The EP1 will have a built-in electric hub motor to help reduce the physical strain on your workforce. The operator can adjust the speed up to 3.1 mph to match their walking pace.**The EP1 has a maximum payload capacity of 200 lbs.

EPallet being used in elevator
EPallet being used in elevator
EPallet being used in elevator


The EP1 is easy to operate and maneuver in both crowded or tight spaces, making it adaptable for a variety of locations. It's also built to move on a range of surfaces so you can trust it will arrive.

EP1 Features

Delivery Made Easy
Conveniently drop off an EP1 in hard to maneuver locations where couriers can access them for final deliveries.
Better Order Containment
Sorting goods directly into an EP1 can help reduce touches and need for mid-route re-sorting. This creates the opportunity to have a single unit moving through the supply chain based on its delivery destination.
Cargo Space
No need for a dolly. We designed the EP1 so that it can carry and secure approximately 1/2 pallet worth of goods for transport to final locations.
Simple and Secure
EP1 has lockable doors to allow for easy access and secure cargo.
The EP1 can be wrapped so you can display your own custom look and branding.
Integrate With Your New Fleet
The BrightDrop Rapid Load Vehicle Concept* *Product planned for release in 2023. Subject to change. is designed to improve delivery speed, efficiency and reduce efforts by quickly and easily loading/unloading ePallets. Side and rear access allow for optimum flexibility and safety.

EP1 Specs* *Actual production specs may vary.


  • Stores about 1⁄2 pallet worth of goods
  • Cargo Space: ~23 total cubic feet
  • Payload Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Shelf weight rating: 100 lbs
  • 2 adjustable and removable shelves (3rd optional shelf available by purchase)


  • Charger power: 2A, 110V-120V
  • Recharge time: approximately 7.5 hours to full charge* *Recharge time shown is for the EP1 using the proper equipment and methods as outlined in the owner's manual. Your actual recharge time may vary based on several factors, including temperature, battery age, and how you use and maintain your product.
  • Battery Size and type: 43V 600Wh Li-ion battery
  • Charge cord length: total length 9'
  • Motor size / rating: 43V Brushless Motor Drive System rated at 250W


  • Curb Weight: 170 lbs
  • Exterior: 42" x 24" x 57"
  • Interior: 40" x 21" x 44"

Mobile Asset Management Platform

Security and Insights into your EP1s remotely* *Pre-production features shown. Product subject to change.

Mobile Phone with Map

Mobile Asset Management

Real-Time Location
Knowing where your EP1s are in real-time gives you more insights into your utilization.
Remote Commands
Operators are able to remotely lock, unlock, and track each EP1 for which they have permissions.
User Access Management
Users can view and create groups and allocate permissions such as read, write or admin privileges to users.
Battery Status
Remotely check the state of charge while in use.
Custom IDs & Naming
Rename your EP1 to a unique name within your own conventions instead of the manufactured serial number. The name you assign is the name that will be seen in web and mobile platforms.
Over the Air Updates
Drives higher up-time and availability. Firmware can be flashed with new features and bug fixes over the air.
Chain of Custody
Allow end to end tracking and logging of individuals who have accessed EP1 contents.
Stolen Recovery
Remotely immobilize and locate EP1 to facilitate recovery.* *Available late 2021. Subject to change.


All EP1s come with a one year limited warranty covering material defects and workmanship

What is Covered: Mechanical & Electrical Subsystems